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Our Report Card

Carle Spine Institute uses written protocols that emphasize a nonsurgical approach first, and surgery is held as the last resort. Below is Carle Spine Institute's Clinical Outcome Report Card for the year 2013. Carle Spine Institute is the only spine center in the region to be included in Spine Center Network, an exclusive national listing of credentialed spine centers of excellence. Click here to learn more about Spine Center Network.

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Patient satisfaction

A phone survey is used to audit patient satisfaction. This method is the most accurate survey method possible. That’s because mail surveys have an inherent sampling bias based on those who take the time to respond. Three months after the first visit to Carle Spine Institute, a nurse calls a random sample of patients at home. The nurse then interviews patients on their satisfaction with the doctor seen, the time the doctor spends with the patient, the medical explanation provided, etc. Even with a complex patient base, 85% of patients are treated without surgery. Of those patients surveyed, 94% of patients said they were very or somewhat satisfied with the time spent by the physician. Another 95% said they would recommend the clinic to a friend.

Carle Spine Institute Clinical Outcome Report Card 2011

Clinical outcome highlights at Carle Spine Institute

 Severity of new patients coming to the spine center

 Functional status of patients (all severities) 3 months after first visit to clinic

 Patient satisfaction outcomes

 The % of patients who return to work in 3 months, by severity

 What % of patients receive therapy, injections, surgery within the first three months of care

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Patient outcome measures

clinical outcomesAs the regionís only multidisciplinary spine center, our experts at Carle Spine Institute handle the areaís most complex back and neck pain cases. Since February 2007, we have collected outcome data on our physical therapy and lumbar and cervical surgery patients. Patients are surveyed prior to treatment and then re-surveyed quarterly to report how pain affected their everyday life for a year after surgery. The goal of treatment is for the disability and pain level to decrease following therapy or surgery. The graphs show our patientís outcome data as compared to national benchmark targets established by published research. When outcomes are at or below benchmark targets, our goal is achieved.

Source for data: Carle Spine Institute internal tracking.

Click here or select the image above left to download a PDF of the Complete Carle Spine Institute Patient Outcome Measures Card.


cervical surgery


lumbar surgery

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